Doctorable.com is a medical knowledge databank intended for medical education. It offers updated knowledge on medical topics for physicians to help them give the best service possible to patients. 

Doctorable will offer articles on:  

  • Disease practice essentials. 
  • Articles on differing clinical presentations to keep knowledge integrated. 
  • Articles on advances in the medical field.  

What are the types of articles Doctorable presents? 

  • Articles on practice essentials. 
  • Articles on integrative concepts. For ex.: how to treat hypertension in the context of a patient with chronic kidney disease? 
  • Articles on syndromes, to keep concepts of disease linked to concretes. 
  • Articles on advances in the medical field. For ex.: new drugs, surgical techniques, diagnostic tools, etc.  

What is the approach to knowledge of Doctorable? 

Doctorable approaches knowledge from essential clinical pictures to the most complex pathophysiological processes to understand diseases’ diagnostic and management strategies.  

The purpose of Doctorable is to give readers integrated knowledge of the clinical practice.