About Doctorable

Doctorable is a website intended for free medical education for undergraduates and recent medical graduates. Our aim is to help young clinicians to understand the challenges we are facing in everyday practice. 

We are a team of International Medical Graduates (IMGs) and advanced medical students that joined forces to create this wonderful space. 

At Doctorable, we know it is important to stay updated and get clear medical knowledge. Therefore, we work hard to get the most relevant topics on clinical sciences for you to learn and enjoy Medicine. 

We understand that the study of Medicine, as with any other discipline, requires a step-by-step approach in accordance with the hierarchical nature of medical concepts. By that, we offer articles on general clinical syndromes or complaints that are helpful in laying down the foundations for disease diagnosis and management.

We take knowledge seriously. Therefore, we strive to offer the most relevant and updated information on clinical sciences, as well as references to research materials for you to expand your knowledge. Our team is a dedicated group of people with the goal of continually growing in the wonderful field of Medicine. 

Meet Doctorable’s team:

Duhaa Rafique, MD

Florencia Virili, MD

Franco Cuevas, MD

Krystie Linares, MD

Muhammad Daniyal Haider, MD

Paula Barrera, MD

Virginia Rodriguez

You can contact us at socialatdoctorabledotcom